Power BI Direct Query Modeling with Oracle


Live Dashboards with Power BI has never been easier. Connecting only using direct query into any database you can present gorgeous interactive dashboards with up to date information .

On this article we are going to discuss the step by step process on how to connect with direct query into an Oracle database on Power Bi.

1. Make sure you have Oracle Data Access Component (ODAC) Installed on you machine or server. If you do not have ODAC installed please go to this link: “How to Install Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC)”.

2. Once you already have Oracle Data Access Component installed. Open Power BI Desktop.

3. Click on Get Data then choose the Database tab then select Oracle. Click on Connect.

4. Enter the Oracle Database Server name specified on your tns connection. This can be found on your tnsnames.ora file. Then select DirectQuery from the radio button.

5. Below the radio button selection there is an advance ticker if you click this you can specify an SQL Query. On this guide we are just going to select multiple tables on the database navigator. click ok then the database navigator will open. Select all the necessary tables that you are going to use by clicking the check box. Once all the necessary table are already selected click ok.


6. The database tables will now be loaded on the modeling tab of Power BI Desktop.

7. Now you can start modeling your data. You can do this by either using the manage relationships button or you can drag and drop field names to field names on other tables.

8. When your data model is completed and the relationships of the tables was established. The data fields on the visual designer is ready to be used and consumed for you dashboard or report.