Mark Jackal


Data Jackal is way of life, a movement and a concept according to Mark. Other than skateboarding and playing ragnarok online, he also likes to eat delicious foods. “Our world is like a computer simulation, each interactions is well programmed” according to Mark.

Mark also has the passion in patient care and health care. He likes to serve people and take care of the sick and elderly. “Taking care of the sick and elderly has been a dream of mine since i was a child” said Mark.

With his degree as a nurse he faced a lot of hardships when got laid off from his work around a year ago. Due to his company failing to make profit, they had to lay him off. As his first work abroad as a company nurse on a construction firm, he was only taking a meager income enough to support his family but not enough for his daily expenses and saving.

“Skate boarding has been a way to escape the pressures and hardships” He said and smiled. Even in the face of aridity and disenchantment he still have a good and positive outlook in life.

“Dont worry manong God has something good in-stored for us.” (Manong – elder brother) He said as we accompany him on the airport going home. He went home with almost zero on his pocket.

Our Mom was surprised, he also learned some carpentry skills when he went home! He learned some on his first job due to interacting daily with construction workers. What a nice bonus skills to learn!

With a little bit of humility, patience and hard work, Mark is back again doing what he loves the most. Due to his perseverance and prudent decisions, with little to almost nothing at his pocket we can only but admire his skills in self-reliance.

Mark truly is the Jackal among us.

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