What Navara Nation Philippines taught me.


The NP300 Nissan Navara was the first pickup up truck i have owned. I decided to take the NP300 because it was the only pickup on the Philippine market that was available at the time that has a rear ac vent and rear multi-link suspension. My purpose for owning one was for my personal use and a plan to start a business in the future.

The first time we drove it out of the showroom, I was with my wife and daughter. “What a cool car daddy” my daughter exclaimed. The looks of the truck was really macho and sexy at the same time. It was like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s love child. “Lets go on a road trip” I said to my wife. We took the NP300 to Baguio, and I instantly felt the responsiveness and power of the YD25DDTI engine.  The ride was very relaxing and comfortable, thanks to the multi-link rear suspension.

After the trip to Baguio, it was time for a 1000k check up on the Nissan workshop just to see if everything is fine with the truck. While waiting for the NP300 in the service station, there I saw a silver  NP300 with a cool looking contraption at the bed of the truck. I hesitantly approach the owner of the truck to inquire about his cool looking contraption.

“Kuya san po nakakabili ng ganyan?” (Brother where can i buy that?). As the owner explained the details regarding the BAKFLIP trifold bed cover. I noticed a cool looking sticker at back of the truck, NAVARA NATION PH with a Facebook icon. I think he also saw me glancing at his sticker, so he enthusiastically tell me more about the group and what it is about. This is the first time I met Mr. Derrick Uy.

Mr. Derrick if you are reading this, thank you.

I immediately went to Facebook and searched for the groups page and went to sign up as a member.  https://www.facebook.com/navaranationphilippines/. There were only around 400+ members on the group when I joined, but there was a lot of social activities within the group. Camping outdoors, Off-road trailing or just a simple gathering.  As I don’t have a lot of friends, I think this would be a good opportunity for me to meet people with the same interest and to learn more about the NP300.

The group was not only special for NP300 membership only but they also admit old Nissan pickups like the Nissan Hard Body, the d40 and many more.

I learned a lot about the capabilities of my ride, what are the best  tires to use, lifting the ride, about the servicing of the ride and which modification shops are the best. Like Skunkworks Customs. Although I haven’t modified anything with my NP300, I feel happy just by being part of the group.

I learned that you don’t have to join charity groups or philanthropist  group to help the community. Just by joining a car club can exactly do the same thing! I learned that me as an individual can also contribute something to help others.

I hope the group to continue grow and inspire others, help more communities and build better friendships. A lot of cool rides is being posted everyday on the Facebook page, what an eye-candy.

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