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Reports subscription using SSRS Report Server | Data Jackal

Reports subscription using SSRS Report Server

Most organizations prefer to have their statistics or reports, display live information and data. But in some occasions the discerning Analysts will be required to distribute reports and statistics on an email dist list, share file location or ftp. Some reports also can be required to be automatically printed on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

This guide would help you manage and setup a simple mail subscription for the Report Portal.

1. Setup the Mail account on the Report Manager. Login to the Report Manager Console then go to the Email settings. Define sender address and the SMTP Server. Also define the authentication if needed. It is better to use the official distribution mail of your department for this. The sender mail will be the one used to send the mail automatically to the recipients.

For file share distribution, go to subscription settings on the Report Manager Console and specify the account to access the share location. We recommend to use an account or service account that has authority to that file location.

2. Next is to create the subscription for the report. Go to the report on the Reporting Services Portal.

Then click on manage.

Then go to subscriptions, then click new subscription

3. In the new subscription settings choose input the report description. Then specify the schedule of the mail or file distribution of the report. Month, Daily, Quarterly, Hourly etc etc.

4. Now specify the emails or the ftp location on which the report will be sent the file format of the report is available in excel, pdf, word etc etc. After setting everything click create new subscription.

Test if the subscription is sending or saving properly.

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