Victor Jackal

“It has been suggested that our reality is a simulation, people sleep and dream because the server cannot power all of us awake at the same time.” Victor Jackal our youngest sibling jokingly said to me.

He likes to ride mountain bikes and Photography. Being the youngest in the family, he was the least fortunate. So from the time to time, whenever I got something extra out of my pocket I buy him something he likes.

When I have to go home in Manila and look for work 4 years ago, He and his friends kept me company, supported me and reminded me that I have to move on. When I went for operation due to an injury I received from my previous work, Victor Jackal was there to take care of me in the hospital, when no one has the time to do so.

Victor Jackal along with his friends nursed me back to health when I was recovering. My brother also has a dream on his own, he wanted to serve our country in the future. But somehow the current situation for him seems hard, but he is still trying his best. I know myself he can quickly recover, just like his biking injuries!

He believes that if a door for a path closes, multiple doors for other paths will open, or he can make the door and path himself! I learned a lot from my brother Victor Jackal.

Victor Jackal was truly a being unto his own. A jackal among us.

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