Microsoft Excel Keyboard Techniques

For faster manipulation of data and to be able to efficiently create excel reports, shortcut keys are provided to reduce the time to manipulate and analyze the data in excel. Being able to use shortcut keys and move from sheet to sheet without the reliance of the mouse, is a good practice when using excel.

On this guide we would demonstrate on how to use some basic short cut keys in excel.

1. Hold: CTRL then press arrow keys.

Holding down the CTRL key plus pressing the arrow keys, will take the Cursor quickly to one side of the data to another in the sheet.

2. Hold: CTRL + SHIFT then press arrow keys.

Holding the CTRL key and SHIFT key while pressing the arrow keys, will select the cells being covered by the Cursor.

3. Hold: Shift then press arrow keys.

To freely select the cells you wanted holding SHIFT key while moving the arrow keys to the data you need that would copied, cut or deleted later on.

4. Hold: CTRL + C then ALT + E + V

To copy values only of a cell or group of cells without applying any formats of the text or any formulas from the copied cell.

5. Hold: CTRL + C then ALT + E + T

To copy only the cell formats from other cell or group of cells.

6. Hold: CTRL + C then ALT + E + F

To copy the formulas only from a single cell or group of cell into another cell or cells.

7. Hold: CTRL + C then ALT + E + V + E

To transpose data vertically or horizontally from a group of cells.

8.  Hold: CTRL + Pg Up or + Pg Dn

To move from sheets to the left and sheets to the right.