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Bern Jackal | Data Jackal

Bern Jackal

It was morning at 6am Bern Jackal gets ready for work on a power plant on an island somewhere in South East Asia. His daily routine like most men of culture, is divided into work, family and leisure. Bern Jackal as a licensed engineer loves the heavy machinery and mechanical instruments that he regularly inspects and maintain.

“We experience Déjà vu the same way we experience a server connection lag” according to Bern Jackal. The first time I met Bern Jackal was when I was 3 years old, the kid living next to our house. Being a childhood friend we all went to a lot of adventures together. Bern Jackal always liked mechanical contraptions since we were kids.

“There is nothing in this world much more rewarding than the fruits of raw hard work” Bern Jackal said, as he proceeded to tip the hard hat on his head. We went to the same Alma Mater during those years we speculated regarding the primality of man and conducted a few social experiments.

Working hard and true is one of the things we could do to circumvent our loss of divinity. Due recent innovations and improvements in technology, man has forgot how to work with his hands. Everything is so conveniently given nowadays, so man has lost being primal.

“Never become become attached to what you own, and be prepared to destroy what you own” Bern Jackal said to me. We believe that there is no substitute reliance to oneself for doing things. Since we where at school I noticed that Bern Jackal never lets his beliefs be influenced by any outside source.

“All thing is made up of numbers, everything is math” I remembered him saying that at some point. There is an intelligent pattern on everything. Even machines or a programs can learn on its own, there is a reason why there is a huge interest on machine learning nowadays.

Bern Jackal has never been a fan of joining groups, even on his college days during group projects he tends to rely on himself often finishing the projects carrying his group mates on his own. By not relying on others and accomplishing things by his own strength and will, he was able to carry his project teammates to success.

“Everything we will know and we know now and basically everything can be computed in a ratio of a circumference and a diameter” Bern Jackal said as he explained his fascination with PI π. Given that there is a computer advanced enough to do this, then it is indeed possible.

Working smart and working hard combo is a good technique doing engineering work. Maintaining and measuring this plant instruments in a cool manner is the best work one can have I thought. Some things looks like a flux capacitor from back to the future.

For being self reliant and working with cool contraptions and schematics Bern Jackal is truly a Jackal among us.